Shrink-Tester [FSR-01]

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Shrinkage Rate and Force Tester model FSR-01:

Standards: ISO 14616, DIN 53369

Quality PID temp controller and precious temp sensor; High precision timer; Alarming function; Stable heating; Standard square mesh and holder

Technical Data
Force Range          5 N ( or as required)
   -Accuracy         ±0.5%
Resolution           0.001N
Displacement         0.1 ~ 95 mm
   -Accuracy         ±0.1 mm
Temp Range           Ambient ~ 210°C
   -Accuracy         ±0.5°C
No. of Specimens     2
Sample size          110mm*15mm L*W
Power                220V 50/60HZ

Technical features
1. Non-contact displacement measurement.
2. High resolution force transducer and thermometer.
3. PLC control unit and touch screen operation.
4. Real time display of shrinking force, contracting force and shrinkage ratio.
5. Stable and balanced heating system.
6. Absence of irrelevant interference factors like friction, cool air, etc...