Heat Seal Tester [HST-01/02]

Heat Seal Tester model: HST-01

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Heat Seal Tester model: HST-02

ASTM F2029 “Standard Practices for Making Heatseals for Determination of Heatsealability of Flexible Webs as Measured by Seal Strength ”

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Heat Seal Tester

Heat Seal Tester is professionally designed for the precise measurement of sealing temperature, time and pressure.
Heat Seal Tester is for the determination of the heatsealability of a surface, or sealant layer of films, laminates, composites and polymers etc.
How well the material heatseals is expressed quantitatively as seal strength as a function of the sealing conditions of temperature, time and pressure.

Place a sample between two-heated sealing jaws of Heat Seal Tester with flat surfaces when the required temperature reaches equilibrium.
The upper seal jaw, driven by a gas cylinder, is pushed down, to exert a certain pressure on the sample and remain for some time. When the preset sealing time ends, the upper sealing jaw returns to its original position and the whole heatsealability testing process finishes.

Technical Data:
Sealing temperature   Room Temperature ~ 300℃
Deviation             ±0.2℃
Dwell time            0.1 s~9999s
Sealing pressure      0.15 MPa ~ 0.7 MPa
Sealing Jaws          330mm×10mm(Sealing Surface) 
                        (Customization Available)
Gas Pressure          0.7 MPa of Air
Dimensions            455mm (L) *320mm (W) *440mm (H)
Port Size             Ф6 mm PU Hose

Technical features model HST-01:
1. PLC controlled.
2. HMI touch screen operated.
3. Foot switch equipped.
4. Quality PID temp controller.
5. precious pressure sensor.

Technical features model HST-02:
1. Digital time.
2. Temperature setting.
3. Pressure gauge display.
4. Manual test button.
5. Foot switch.