Peeling Cling Tester [SPC-01]



Peeling Cling Tester model SPC-01:

Standards: ASTM D5458, BB/T 0024.

Stretch Film Peel Cling Tester measures cling between two layers of film and helps to determine the property of stretch wrap material ability to adhere to it.

Technical Data:
Test Range:       5N ( or others)
Speed Range:      125mm/min( or 1-500 mm/min)
Resolution:       0.01N
Accuracy:         0.5% F.S.

Technical Features:
1. PLC controlled and HMI touch screen operated.
2. Real time display of test curve, peak value recording.
3. Direct connection of loadcell with sample eliminates the
interference caused by the friction and gravity
of pulley and string used in traditional method.
4. Adjustable speed, limiting device and automatic returning.
5. Microprinter
6. Coefficient of friction function function (Optional)