Elmendorf [SLD-01]

images/SLD-01 Elmendorf Tear Tester 6_AS1.webp

Tearing Tester model SLD-01:

Standards: ASTM D1922, ASTM D1424, ASTM D689, ISO 6383, ISO 1974

The tearing tester determinates the average force to propagate tearing through a specified length of plastic film or nonrigid sheeting, after the tear has been started.
It helps to rank relative tearing resistance of various plastic films and thin sheeting of comparable thickness.

Acting by gravity, the pendulum swings through an arc, tearing the specimen from a precut slit. This loss in energy indicates the force required to tear the specimen.

Technical Data:
Test Range                200 gf, 400 gf, 800 gf, 
                          1600 gf, 3200 gf, 6400 gf
Gas Source                0.6 MPa
Tearing Arm               104±1mm
Tearing Initial Angle     27.5 ±0.5°

Technical Features:
1. PLC technology and human-machine interface.
2. Wide test range for different materials.
3. Pneumatic specimen clamping.
4. Pendulum automatic release.
5. Both gf and Nm units.
6. Tear Index Calculation for paper test.
7. Data auto statistics, storage.
8. Microprinter.
9. RS232 port and software (Optional).